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crocheted to go cozies

crochetbritt schmiesingComment

i have been working on some crocheted to go cozies to send up to the museum with some other goodies for the christmas present buying season.

crocheted to go cozy sneezerville

it seemed like a good way to use up some scrap yarn too. just single crochet in a spiral. no pattern. just made to fit. kind of wingin' it.

crocheted to go cozies sneezerville


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currently i am working on way too many projects at once, which is probably why i haven't posted anything lately.

sweater knitting sneezerville

i have officially started my sister-in-law's christmas sweater that she requested.

i am using ONLine Linie 219 Jeans yarn. it's a sport weight cotton acrylic blend in pretty charcoal color. it should hold up well to washing without her having to be super diligent with the laundry. always nice when you have a busy life.

sweater knitting sneezerville

it's my first time using the yarn. i didn't like the looks of it in stockinette on us5 needles, but i didn't want to go done to even smaller needles. so i am doing a garter stitch sweater. top down. raglan sleeves. with cables along the sides and a textured stitch for the main body.

will keep you updated on how it's going.

i have been published! sneak peek

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i was asked a long time ago (in the spring) to submit a few of my little sewn items to haute handbags magazine for a possibility of being published.  well i can officially tell you that they are in the autumn issue!!! (no, not my bag on the cover. but ...)

4 whole pages inside! awesome! 

article publication sneezerville

and the pictures are soooooo beautiful. when i received my copy in the mail the other day and started showing my family, they all commented on my cute little hands in the picture. my husband even made the comment that he had never seen me where those clothes before. i pointed out that the person in the photo is wearing fingernail polish. followed by the comment, "have you ever seen me wear fingernail polish?"  made me chuckle.

article publication sneezerville

it really is quite a lovely set up. the article tells you how to make these little beauties (to an extend). you can find all the pattern info here on the site. you can also find information on how to create the designs on the purse and wallet on my tutorials page here on the site. 

article publication sneezerville

you can purchase the magazine (when i comes out later in october) on stampington & company's website or at craft and book stores.

knitting pattern: lost souls scarf

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a while back i was given this ball of wollmeise (when i had asked the person for a favor & she gave me yarn! super sweet!). but i didn't know what to do with it because it has a lot going on with the colors. then bam...

new knitting pattern: lost souls scarf sneezerville

simple. garter stitch and eyelets and long connected triangles. so more like a scarf then a shawl. short rows so that the 2 triangles could be knit seamlessly. because let's face it...who likes to seam? and it's reversible.

new knitting pattern: lost souls scarf sneezerville


pattern :garter stitch and garter stitch with eyelet rows

shape : 2 long triangles knit together

technique : short row shaping

new knitting pattern: lost souls scarf sneezerville

directions : written: also written a bit like a recipe so that you can use as much yarn as you like

yarn : wollmeise sockenwolle 80/20 twin (i used one skein)

needle : us 7 circs or straights

gauge : 11 sts x 16 rows = 2 inches in garter stitch (blocked)

finished measurements : 53.5 + 34.25in edges of both triangles where they meet) x 15 inches (blocked)


you can purchase the pattern here on the website, on kollabora, ravelry, or at craftsy. enjoy!


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i have been working on some knitting with more wollmeise sockenwolle 20/80. this is a crazy multi colored yarn that i was given. i have been turning over several ideas on the best way to use it considering all the color changing. i settled on simple stitches with two long connected isosceles triangles. of course, i will have a pattern to go along with it so you can give it a go too. i think that it would also look great with a plain yarn as well.

yarn sneezerville

also on the knitting front, my sister-in-law is wanting a sweater for christmas. so i am on a yarn hunt to find the perfect color and yarn so that i can get started on that puppy too.